Future biomes slated to come to Minecraft


Future biomes slated to come to Minecraft

All members of the community eagerly await Minecraft updates. Every year Mojang releases a major update to their amazing sandbox title. Every update introduces new blocks, mobs and biomes.

Biomes are a feature that is highly anticipated in every update. They come with new blocks and mobs. Mojang, after having completed the Nether realm overhaul with the 1.16 update has now set its sights on the Overworld.

The developers added massive cave biomes to Overworld in the latest Caves & Cliffs update. Future updates will focus on Overworld, and include many new biomes, according to Minecraft Live 2021.

These biomes will be featured in future Minecraft updates

5) New badlands

Mojang hosted a biome vote at Minecon Live 2019 to determine which biome should get an update in the next update. Three great choices were offered to players: swamps, mountains, and badlands.

Although badlands and swamps were not able to vote, developers said that they would be updated in the future. A new version of badlands may be added in 1.19 with tumbleweeds and vultures.

4) Better savannas

Players had to choose from savanna, desert or taiga at Minecon Earther 2019. Taiga won by defeating both desert & savanna. In the 1.19 update, you might see anticipated savanna biomes with termites, baobabs and ostriches.

3) Improved Birch Forests

Mojang shared a fascinating artwork at Minecraft Live 2021 that featured improved and more beautiful birch forests. Steve and Alex were pictured exploring a birch woodland filled with tall trees and flowers.

These birch forests are not officially known. Players are expecting some birch overhaul in The Wild Update.

2) Mangrove swamps

The biome vote for Swamp, which was held during Minecon Live 2019, was lost by Swamp. Many Minecrafters were sad to see the mangroves and frogs disappear. The Wild Update will add a new type of swamp, the mangrove swamps, to Minecraft along with frogs.

1) Deep dark caves

Caves & Cliffs Part 2 update was supposed to include deep dark caves. Developers had to delay the release to ensure this spooky biome was perfect. As part of The Wild Update 2022, deep dark caves will be released.